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More CUMULATIVE PREFERENCE DIVIDENDS Resources Money - RISC Corporate Announcements
...about the payment of the following Dividends on ... of Madras and Calcutta and to allot 8% Redeemable Non Cumulative Preference Shares under the...

RHB Cap earnings up on new products, services
...quarter ended March 31 2005.Consolidated profit before irredeemable non-cumulative convertible preference share dividends, taxation and zakat...

RBS: Company Announcements 2000 - Dividend On Series B, Series C,...
The Directors have declared the specified dividends on the undernoted Series of Non-cumulative dollar preference shares, all of which are...

7.04 Treatment of Dividends as Income
Cumulative preference dividends are not payable until they are declared by the company. Therefore arrears of such dividends are deemed to arise...

Dividends on Preference Shares - 15 Jan 2004
Accounting requirements for unpaid dividends on cumulative preference shares Laurie Strike ...

Rhone-Poulenc Overseas Limited Announces Redemption of All...
Limited Announces Redemption of All Outstanding Cumulative Guaranteed Preference Shares ... Dividends will cease to accrue on the Series A Shares...

Cumulative-Dividend Preference : Accounting at Edcal
Cumulative-Dividend Preference. The rights of preferred stockholders to receive current dividends plus all dividends in arrears before common...

Moneyextra | Glossary: Cumulative Preference Shares
Glossary: Cumulative Preference Shares Updated Nov 2002 These are not equity but, in fact ... the rights to any arrears of preference dividends.

Microsoft Word - ~3267794.doc
2.5.2 If dividends payable on cumulative preference shares are deferred, such dividends should not themselves bear interest.

Univar Announces Intent to Redeem Cumulative Financing Preference
...of all of its outstanding cumulative financing preference shares at par value, plus their paid-in surplus and accrued dividends through the...

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