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MOOOOOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEED Pari Passu has now MOVED!!! It's new location is at!!!!! Please update your bookmarks ^^ Pari Passu is best...

P A R I - P A S S U
Pari Passu is an established consultancy, providing senior-level IT Management, on an interim or contract basis, in the specialist areas of Financial...

Brewer, E. Cobham. Dictionary of Phrase & Fable. Pari Passu.
Reference > Brewer’s Dictionary > Pari Passu. Par’douneres Tale, Pa’rian Chronicle. CONTENTS · BIBLIOGRAPHIC RECORD...

Pari Passu: Latin - equally and without preference. This term is often used in bankruptcy proceedings where creditors are said to be paid pari...

pari passu
Definition of pari passu...

Investing Game Tools Stock Ideas Newsletters Corporate Pari-passu. Two securities or obligations having equal rights to payment.

pari passu. The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English...
...pari passu. The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language: Fourth Edition. 2000.

Pari Passu
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dart will weltweit mit pari passu seine forderung durchsetzen
...dart will weltweit mit pari passu seine forderung durchsetzen [ Antworten ] [ Ihre Antwort ] [ Forum ] of the Day: pari passu
Word of the Day for Saturday July 13, 2002 pari passu \PAIR-ee-PASS-oo; PAIR-ih-PASS-oo\, adverb: At an equal pace or rate.

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