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ASX Company Prices from Tuesday 21st January 2020

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No of Trading Days ago: Enter the number of trading days(2) to report on. These are not elapsed days, but actual trading days.
FROM Close Price: Enter FROM Closing Price(1) to report on. Prices equal to or greater will be reported.
_TO_ Close Price: Enter _TO_ Closing Price(1.05) to report on. Prices less than will be reported.

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-9 -2 -1 0 1 2 4 7
CtrLink Date
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Est Vol$
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Year High
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1  -9 >2020-01-22IXCINVEX THERAPEUTICS LTDPharmaceuticals1.03271,397-
2< -2 >2020-01-22SGHSLATER & GORDON LIMITEDConsumer Services1.0117,720-
3     2020-01-21RBLREDBUBBLE LIMITEDRetailing1.025494,887-3.89.2-0.1-8.5
4     2020-01-21SGHSLATER & GORDON LIMITEDConsumer Services1.045102,757-
5< -1 >2020-01-22RBLREDBUBBLE LIMITEDRetailing1.01420,603-2.911.4-0.1-8.4
6< 0 >2020-01-21NACNAOS EX-50 OPPORTUNITIES COMPANY LIMITEDNot Applic1104,115-2.018.5-0.0-50.0
7     2020-01-22CVFCONTRARIAN VALUE FUND LIMITEDNot Applic1.0286,102-1.916.30.0145.7
8     2020-01-22APLANTIPODES GLOBAL INVESTMENT COMPANY LTDNot Applic1.0351,007,066-1.418.80.069.0
9     2020-01-21PALPALLA PHARMA LIMITEDPharmaceuticals1.00531,653-1.027.1-0.1-13.1
10     2020-01-21SMRSTANMORE COAL LIMITEDEnergy1.0162,380-
11     2020-01-21GSSGENETIC SIGNATURES LIMITEDPharmaceuticals1.0214,632-1.027.4-0.0-30.0
12     2020-01-22EZLEUROZ LIMITEDDiversified Financials1.04107,650-1.022.2-0.0-1,040.0
13     2020-01-22NACNAOS EX-50 OPPORTUNITIES COMPANY LIMITEDNot Applic171,506-0.525.6-0.0-50.0
14     2020-01-21MVFMONASH IVF GROUP LIMITEDHealth Care Equipment & Services1.0278,667-0.533.70.112.1
15     2020-01-21MA1MONASH ABSOLUTE INVESTMENT COMPANY LIMITEDNot Applic1.02532,264-0.533.80.117.1
16     2020-01-21CVFCONTRARIAN VALUE FUND LIMITEDNot Applic1.0396,744-0.533.90.0147.1
17     2020-01-22QVEQV EQUITIES LIMITEDNot Applic1.04166,3800.
18     2020-01-22MFDMAYFIELD CHILDCARE LIMITEDConsumer Services1.0310,0630.
19     2020-01-22QPRQUATTRO PLUS REAL ESTATEReal Estate11390.
20     2020-01-21MLDMACA LIMITEDMaterials1368,1840.
21     2020-01-22MA1MONASH ABSOLUTE INVESTMENT COMPANY LIMITEDNot Applic1.0382,6170.
22     2020-01-22MVFMONASH IVF GROUP LIMITEDHealth Care Equipment & Services1.0282,7120.
23< 1 >2020-01-21QVEQV EQUITIES LIMITEDNot Applic1.04152,1420.579.00.030.6
24     2020-01-22SMRSTANMORE COAL LIMITEDEnergy1.02294,8930.567.00.42.8
25     2020-01-22MGXMOUNT GIBSON IRON LIMITEDMaterials12,516,7740.567.10.18.3
26     2020-01-21MFDMAYFIELD CHILDCARE LIMITEDConsumer Services1.02102,1111.
27     2020-01-21MGXMOUNT GIBSON IRON LIMITEDMaterials1.015713,0131.
28< 2 >2020-01-22PALPALLA PHARMA LIMITEDPharmaceuticals1.0124,2311.580.0-0.1-13.1
29< 4 >2020-01-21AMAAMA GROUP LIMITEDCommercial & Professional Services1.0152,806,5323.691.70.025.4
30< 7  2020-01-21MYEMASTERMYNE GROUP LIMITEDMaterials1.04110,2806.795.90.110.2

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