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News Counts by YEAR and Category

Year   Category
2036   BL(1)  
2019   PR(1546)  
2018   BL(20)     NC(81)     PR(716)  
2017   NC(265)     CM(1)     DV(536)     PR(202)     XD(877)  
2016   BL(1)     DL(8)     NC(308)     CM(1)     OP(6)     RU(2)     DV(1335)     GF(3)     PR(221)     RF(5)     XD(2657)     GD(5)     GU(7)     MH(4)     ML(4)     MT(9)  
2015   DL(3)     NC(280)     CM(2)     OP(3)     RU(2)     DV(1242)     GF(4)     PR(195)     RF(6)     XD(2480)     GD(3)     GU(7)     MH(5)     ML(2)     MT(4)  
2014   BL(1)     DL(7)     NC(245)     CM(2)     OP(4)     RU(8)     DV(1191)     GF(4)     PR(168)     RF(5)     XD(2369)     GD(5)     GU(6)     ML(2)     MT(13)  
2013   BL(46)     DL(61)     NC(178)     CM(11)     OP(11)     RU(10)     DV(1129)     GF(22)     PR(163)     RF(14)     XD(2262)     GD(16)     GU(15)     MH(10)     ML(12)     MT(11)  
2012   BL(81)     DL(97)     NC(228)     CM(16)     OP(11)     RU(10)     DV(1101)     GF(9)     PR(175)     RF(7)     XD(2158)     GD(9)     GU(15)     MH(15)     ML(15)     MT(16)  
2011   BL(143)     DL(32)     NC(221)     CM(3)     OP(7)     RU(5)     DV(1115)     GF(7)     PR(175)     RF(7)     XD(2208)     GD(3)     GU(4)     MH(2)     ML(4)     MT(7)  
2010   BL(136)     DL(79)     NC(291)     CM(46)     OP(38)     RU(38)     DV(1109)     GF(42)     PR(210)     RF(44)     XD(2131)     GD(47)     GU(46)     MH(39)     ML(40)     MT(622)  
2009   BL(65)     DL(103)     NC(289)     CM(46)     OP(39)     RU(46)     DV(556)     GF(42)     PR(215)     RF(45)     XD(1201)     GD(46)     GU(44)     MH(45)     ML(47)     MT(50)  
2008   BL(104)     DL(87)     NC(238)     CM(35)     OP(42)     RU(39)     DV(43)     GF(37)     PR(166)     RF(41)     XD(1)     GD(40)     GU(45)     MH(35)     ML(36)     MT(64)  
2007   BL(329)     DL(28)     NC(209)     CM(5)     OP(2)     RU(5)     DV(4)     GF(5)     PR(163)     RF(3)     XD(1)     GD(4)     GU(3)     MH(3)     ML(1)     MT(3)  
2006   BL(222)     DL(32)     NC(216)     CM(4)     OP(4)     RU(2)     DV(3)     GF(4)     PR(134)     RF(1)     GD(2)     GU(2)     MH(2)     MT(1)  
2005   BL(187)     DL(41)     NC(202)     CM(1)     OP(1)     RU(12)     DV(1)     GF(1)     PR(266)     RF(1)     GD(1)     GU(1)     MT(1)  
2004   BL(177)     DL(42)     NC(219)     CM(2)     OP(4)     RU(6)     DV(6)     GF(2)     RF(2)     GD(1)     GU(1)     MH(5)     ML(3)     MT(1)  
2003   BL(105)     NC(211)     CM(1)     DV(1)     GF(1)     PR(1)     RF(1)     GD(1)     GU(2)     MT(2)  
2002   BL(86)     NC(256)     ML(1)  
2001   BL(63)     DL(1)     NC(222)     RF(1)     GD(1)     GU(1)     MH(2)     ML(1)  
2000   BL(136)     CM(1)     OP(1)     DV(1)     RF(1)     GD(1)     MH(1)     ML(1)     MT(1)  
1999   BL(98)  
1998   BL(41)  
1997   BL(47)     NC(1)     OP(3)     PR(1)     GD(1)     GU(1)     MH(1)     ML(1)  
1996   BL(36)     GF(2)  
1995   BL(25)     RU(1)     MT(2)  
1994   BL(73)  
1993   BL(51)  
1992   BL(17)     DL(1)     MH(2)  
1991   BL(18)  
1990   BL(8)  
1989   BL(28)  
1988   BL(30)     CM(1)     GU(1)  
1987   BL(119)     DV(1)  
1986   BL(68)  
1985   BL(32)  
1984   BL(17)  
1983   BL(13)     NC(1)  
1982   BL(3)  
1981   BL(8)  
1980   BL(15)  
1979   BL(8)  
1978   BL(1)  
1977   BL(2)  
1976   BL(1)  
1975   BL(1)  
1974   BL(17)  
1973   BL(3)  
1972   BL(8)  
1971   BL(36)     RF(1)  
1970   BL(20)     PR(1)     MH(1)  
1969   BL(6)  
1968   BL(1)  
1967   BL(1)  
1966   BL(1)  
1965   BL(1)  
1963   BL(1)  
1962   BL(19)  
1961   BL(5)  
1960   BL(1)  
1957   BL(1)  
1954   BL(1)  
1952   BL(1)  
1885   BL(1)  
1858   BL(119)     MT(1)  
0   PR(1)     XD(2)  
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Summary of 2006 News Titles by DATE

CtrLinksDateNo of News itemsNews TopicNews Description
1an2006-Dec-29 Fri2NCListing name changed
2an2006-Dec-28 Thu4NCListing name changed
3an2006-Dec-27 Wed2NCListing name changed
4an2006-Dec-22 Fri3NCListing name changed
5an2006-Dec-21 Thu1NCListing name changed
6an2006-Dec-20 Wed5NCListing name changed
7an2006-Dec-15 Fri3NCListing name changed
8an2006-Dec-12 Tue1NCListing name changed
9an2006-Dec-08 Fri3NCListing name changed
10an2006-Dec-07 Thu1NCListing name changed
11an2006-Dec-06 Wed4NCListing name changed
12an2006-Dec-04 Mon2NCListing name changed
13an2006-Dec-01 Fri5NCListing name changed
14an2006-Nov-29 Wed2NCListing name changed
15an2006-Nov-28 Tue3NCListing name changed
16an2006-Nov-27 Mon2NCListing name changed
17an2006-Nov-24 Fri4NCListing name changed
18an2006-Nov-23 Thu2NCListing name changed
19an2006-Nov-22 Wed4NCListing name changed
20an2006-Nov-21 Tue2NCListing name changed
21an2006-Nov-14 Tue2NCListing name changed
22an2006-Nov-13 Mon1NCListing name changed
23an2006-Nov-09 Thu2NCListing name changed
24an2006-Nov-07 Tue4NCListing name changed
25an2006-Nov-03 Fri2NCListing name changed
26an2006-Nov-01 Wed6NCListing name changed
27an2006-Oct-31 Tue2NCListing name changed
28an2006-Oct-19 Thu2NCListing name changed
29an2006-Oct-18 Wed1NCListing name changed
30an2006-Oct-17 Tue2NCListing name changed
31an2006-Oct-16 Mon1NCListing name changed
32an2006-Oct-09 Mon1NCListing name changed
33an2006-Oct-03 Tue4NCListing name changed
34an2006-Sep-29 Fri4NCListing name changed
35an2006-Sep-27 Wed2NCListing name changed
36an2006-Sep-25 Mon2NCListing name changed
37an2006-Sep-22 Fri1NCListing name changed
38an2006-Sep-14 Thu3NCListing name changed
39an2006-Sep-11 Mon1NCListing name changed
40an2006-Sep-05 Tue2NCListing name changed
41an2006-Aug-31 Thu3NCListing name changed
42an2006-Aug-30 Wed1NCListing name changed
43an2006-Aug-29 Tue1NCListing name changed
44an2006-Aug-23 Wed1NCListing name changed
45an2006-Aug-22 Tue2NCListing name changed
46an2006-Aug-21 Mon2NCListing name changed
47an2006-Aug-18 Fri1NCListing name changed
48an2006-Aug-16 Wed1NCListing name changed
49an2006-Aug-09 Wed2NCListing name changed
50an2006-Aug-07 Mon2NCListing name changed
51an2006-Aug-02 Wed1NCListing name changed
52an2006-Jul-28 Fri2NCListing name changed
53an2006-Jul-24 Mon2NCListing name changed
54an2006-Jul-20 Thu2NCListing name changed
55an2006-Jul-14 Fri6NCListing name changed
56an2006-Jul-12 Wed2NCListing name changed
57an2006-Jul-11 Tue1NCListing name changed
58an2006-Jul-07 Fri2NCListing name changed
59an2006-Jul-03 Mon4NCListing name changed
60an2006-Jun-30 Fri3NCListing name changed
61an2006-Jun-29 Thu1NCListing name changed
62an2006-Jun-27 Tue3NCListing name changed
63an2006-Jun-22 Thu1NCListing name changed
64an2006-Jun-20 Tue1NCListing name changed
65an2006-Jun-16 Fri1NCListing name changed
66an2006-Jun-15 Thu2NCListing name changed
67an2006-Jun-13 Tue2NCListing name changed
68an2006-Jun-08 Thu2NCListing name changed
69an2006-May-31 Wed2NCListing name changed
70an2006-May-24 Wed2NCListing name changed
71an2006-May-23 Tue1NCListing name changed
72an2006-May-22 Mon1NCListing name changed
73an2006-May-17 Wed2NCListing name changed
74an2006-May-16 Tue2NCListing name changed
75an2006-May-05 Fri2NCListing name changed
76an2006-May-03 Wed1NCListing name changed
77an2006-Apr-28 Fri2NCListing name changed
78an2006-Apr-26 Wed2NCListing name changed
79an2006-Apr-19 Wed2NCListing name changed
80an2006-Apr-05 Wed1NCListing name changed
81an2006-Apr-03 Mon2NCListing name changed
82an2006-Mar-30 Thu1NCListing name changed
83an2006-Mar-29 Wed2NCListing name changed
84an2006-Mar-16 Thu2NCListing name changed
85an2006-Mar-10 Fri2NCListing name changed
86an2006-Mar-09 Thu2NCListing name changed
87an2006-Mar-01 Wed2NCListing name changed
88an2006-Feb-27 Mon1NCListing name changed
89an2006-Feb-24 Fri1NCListing name changed
90an2006-Feb-23 Thu2NCListing name changed
91an2006-Feb-21 Tue1NCListing name changed
92an2006-Feb-06 Mon2NCListing name changed
93an2006-Jan-31 Tue2NCListing name changed
94an2006-Jan-27 Fri2NCListing name changed
95an2006-Jan-25 Wed4NCListing name changed
96an2006-Jan-24 Tue2NCListing name changed
97an2006-Jan-23 Mon3NCListing name changed
98an2006-Jan-20 Fri1NCListing name changed
99an2006-Jan-19 Thu2NCListing name changed
100an2006-Jan-18 Wed2NCListing name changed
101an2006-Jan-06 Fri2NCListing name changed
102an2006-Jan-03 Tue2NCListing name changed
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