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Title: Colors to show more information in ENHANCED prices...
Post by: Joe on February 28, 2007, 02:21:14 AM
The enhanced prices within each company home page has color attributes used to show:

1) the high and low limit via solid GREEN  and PINK.
2) comparative rise and fail with GREEN  and RED  font
3) no movement with a FAINT font, to suppress attention.

OZSUPER has now introduced these graphics with a little more complexity. The method is applicable for values that are not rising/failing with a neighbour value. RANK% is the value to demonstrate this, by showing...

1) high/low values outside an outer limit with solid GREEN  and PINK. Set at 5%
2) Positive value outside an inner limit, using GREEN  and RED  font. Set at 20%
3) within inner limits, using the FAINT font to suppress attention.

These INNER and OUTER limits will soon become dynamic... stay tuned.
Title: Re: Colors to show more information in ENHANCED prices... Now Dynamic
Post by: Joe on March 12, 2007, 10:29:27 PM
The band values and the MIN and MAX value for the RANK% are now dynamic. ie: Based on the actual limits the stock being viewed.

These changes although based on some complex calcs, provide a very natural visual clue to the eye of the daily progress of these values.

eg: http://www.ozsuper.com/ax_b/b_BHP.php#Limits
Title: Lookout major CELL COLOUR Changes...
Post by: Ian on June 07, 2007, 06:34:13 PM
OK, Plan-B....

Cell colours have now been thoughally improved. The background cell colour sitewide now demonstrates the percentage position of the value compared with the COLUMN MIN and MAX values. Split into bands:

a new LEGEND page  itemises these settings, Refer to http://www.ozsuper.com/oz/oz_legend.php (http://www.ozsuper.com/oz/oz_legend.php)

Again, although this sounds complex, the idea is to represent basic numbers in a very optically meaningfull way. Be able to quickly review pages of figures and quickly take in the flow of the rises and falls in values.