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Bought ASX.BTV @ $0.275 on Tue 2010-04-27


Bought ASX.BTV @ $0.275 on Tue 2010-04-27


* High volatility stock.
* Company undergoing capital restructure
* Price growth currently in a dip with upward potential.
* Growing Earnings Per Share (EPS)
Batavia Mining Limited (BTV) is an Australian investment and exploration company.

Refer to ASX change of details:

Bought ASX.BTV @ $0.275 on Tue 2010-04-27
Sold     ASX.SHD @ $0.23  on Wed 2010-09-29

Profit: <16.3>% loss over a 155 elapsed day trade.

With an assumed trading overhead of 14 days out of the market, this allows for 2 such trades in a year.
Bad trade - unhappy.     >:(

Many stocks have been trading sideways for the last few months. Way too long in the market, taking a reduced loss while the change was there.
( Time is money, time to get out ).

This the first negative transaction closed out during this years batch of trades.


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