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Bought ASX.LSR @ $0.09 on Wed 2010-05-05


Bought ASX.LSR @ $0.09 on Wed 2010-05-05


    * Highly volatility stock.
    * Price growth currently in a dip with upward potential.


Lodestar Minerals Limited is exploring for nickel at the highly prospective Penfolds tenements, which cover three known nickel belts, and are only 12 kilometres from Kambalda, a world class nickel province in Western Australia.
Nickel has already been discovered on the tenements, and the ground is largely unexplored using modern drilling and geophysical techniques.

Firstly apologies for the missed posting on the BUY. the post was done in a retrospective way. This reduces the power of these postings. I must have just missed doing it back in May.

This is the first of this group of stocks to be sold.

Buy Price:  $0.09 on 2010-05-05
Sell Price:   $0.15 on 2010-06-06

Profit: 66.67% growth over a 35 elapsed day trade.
With an assumed trading overhead of 14 days out of the market, this allows for 7 such trades in a year.
Assuming compounding...  enough said - very happy with this one.

Price did spike as high as $0.175 (wow) but I did manage to catch it on the way down. Good enough.


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