Author Topic: Mailing Address utility created for NSW Australian addresses  (Read 3188 times)

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A whole new area of application has been created, to both check and complete mailing addresses.

This is obviously not directly tied to share trading, but a generalised utility.

To use the facility, Select the Power button on top of any OzSuper webpage.


From there Select: "Format Australian mailing addresses" link.


To use the Facility:
  • Paste in your address data into the large rectangular text area
  • select which column contains the AddressBlog, usually column 1
  • If the text is multi column, ensure the column delimiter (separator) has the correct character
  • select the "Process Address" button

The result will be displayed on the resulting webpage, available to be copied and pasted probably back into a spreadsheet.

Also note that the coding provides the result, in the same row positions as the pasted data, so the result can be pasted back alongside your original data, while maintaining the alignment.

Have fun with this function. At present there is no restriction, however OzSuper reserve the rite to restrict the function in the future.

A possible change maybe to restrict the text processed to a few 100 lines for non members.

Thank you,
The Management