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Bought ASX.NOD @ $0.12 on Thu 2010-06-24


Bought ASX.NOD @ $0.12 on Thu 2010-06-24


* Very low price
* profitable in the past
* Based in WA near mining boom
* Volume low but present at small hightend levels
* Issued shares stable at 138m
* Assets cover $0.83 per share, way above share price
* high price $3.40 back in Q3 2007

* May continue to backslide


Nomad Building Solutions Limited (NOD) specialises in the manufacture, delivery and installation of modular buildings for a range of mid to large scale projects in the resources, oil and gas, construction, industrial and leisure sectors. The company owns four property, manufacturing and building businesses specializing in remote and regional constructions and project management across Australia including Nomad Modular Building Pty Ltd, McGrath Homes, Halley Homes and Rapley Wilkinson.

Bought ASX.NOD @ $0.12 on Thu 2010-06-24
   Sold ASX.NOD @ $0.18 on Tue 2010-07-27

Profit: 50% growth over a 34 elapsed day trade.

With an assumed trading overhead of 14 days out of the market, this allows for 7 such trades in a year.
Good trade - happy.   :D

There is still plenty of up side to this stock. It will continue to go up into the medium term (a long way).
It has had a consistent daily growth over the last 7 days.
The current daily growth may not continue uninterrupted, best to take profit now.

Possible reinvestment opportunity is there is a short term downturn.


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