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Bought ASX.ROG @ $0.013 on Fri 2010-06-25


Bought ASX.ROG @ $0.013 on Fri 2010-06-25


* Reducing loss down to $0.01 per share
* Price appoaching 12 year low, ful ASX listing low
* assets value = $0.02 per share

Red Sky Energy Limited (ROG) is an oil and gas exploration company established to acquire, explore, assess and exploit oil and gas deposits in prospective tenements across Australia. ROG has first option and right to use its technology, Sky Hunter Airborne Geochemical Microseep Survey Technology (GMS), within onshore Australia for an 18-month period, which will focus on the Cooper, Carnarvon and Darling basins.

Bought ASX.ROG @ $0.013 on Fri 2010-06-25
SOLD   ASX.ROG @ $0.019 on Wed 2010-09-29

Profit: 46% growth over a 96 elapsed day trade.

With an assumed trading overhead of 14 days out of the market, this allows for 3 such trades in a year.
Fair trade - happy.     ;)

Many stocks have been trading sideways for the last few months. This stock may continue to go up, But a decision to take profit while it is there.


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