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% of Top-Level Domains Across 82 DPs** % of Top-Level Domains Across 82 DPs (Adjusted for Duplicate Domain Names)** DPs by Domain - Numbers**

HLL - Get Investor Services - Institutional Investors - Financial...
DPS (Rs. )( adjusted for bonus and split ) 0.39 0.42 0.56 0.80 1.00 1.25 1.70 2.20 2.90 3.50...

1 Imperial Tobacco Group PLC Preliminary Results 25 November 20022
Profit (£m) EPS DPS Operating Profit EPS CAGR +15% DPS CAGR +13% Note: pre-amortisation & exceptionals. Historic EPS & DPS adjusted for bonus...

Domains Across 82 DPs ..........................................

VN Boards - Petition to fix savage dps buff target) Mid-RR savage sidechain DPS: ~350 (approximate cause only 8 hits) From Mattshanes log: RR9 merc sidechain DPS: 268 (adjusted by...

EQ Cleric Forums - Cleric DPS and other musings...
Base DPS So just with this mana regen and condemnation, the base DPS is 10.5 mana per second * 3 damage per mana = 31.5 DPS Adjusted DPS OK...

DPS Comparision - Pistoleer - Star Wars Galaxies Forums
...for calculating DPS, but I wanted to compare across different guns for different resists. So, I made my own that calculates an 'Adjusted DPS...

Glossary of sharemarket terms
A comprehensive list of terms and definitions used on the Australian sharemarket.

Imperial Tobacco Group PLC JPMorgan Conference 14th May 2003 John
Profit (£m) EPS DPS Operating Profit EPS CAGR +15% DPS CAGR +13% Note: pre-amortisation & exceptionals. Historic EPS & DPS adjusted for bonus...

...statewide potential study completed by Optimal Energy in 2002 for the Department of Public Service (.DPS.), this analysis considers dozens of...

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