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Welcome to the OzSuper Stock Trader’s Treasure Trove.

This site provides information for investors to bolster their buying decisions. Review the Australian Stock Exchange stocks, options and warrants.

Do you want to make profitable trades, but have trouble working your way through the information haze?

OzSuper reveals the share market status with simple, fast and meaningful web pages. The data is presented in normalised form (neat rows and columns) for easy comparison and copying into spreadsheets for your pleasure.

The Approach

OzSuper presents the information in such a way as to point and guide you to the directions of your choice. Every trader has certain rules for their own research, and you have the responsibility for your use of this information.

These outcomes progress the home trader into a greater understanding, power and profitability. Your investment is important to you and us, but this is no reason to take the share market as coldly as many do. This site will take a friendly light hearted and simple approach to research. Lifting the lid on what can often appear confusing and distancing.

Success is seen by positive trader feedback, but a great goal is the accumulation of satisfied and surprised professional and corporate traders and brokers.

Need a breath of fresh air, Welcome aboard.

Watch these points become reality, one by one:

  • Numerous fast text based web pages, no excess graphics getting in the way of finding simple answers to simple questions.
  • Custom built stock market based blogs and forums. Submissions are moderated and of course peer reviewed by us all.
  • The full site is accessible, with some presented functions and data suppressed depending on membership level.
  • Free guest access is available for everyone to view the basics and benefit from this fresh approach.
  • Exploding the data from the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX), and a clear view to take your personal finances further.
  • Data of derivatives is also attacked and debunked.
  • Member feedback is taken seriously and incorporated into future features.
  • Forget which companies are behaving better than others, we are ranking every company for every day, using our propriety criteria. Clearly showing the outcome, for elementary membership levels some restrictions apply.
  • These rankings are a daily update feature.
  • Technical price data will be attacked and brought to heal, then the same no respect approach applied to fundamental data. See it all in a few clicks for all companies, at once.

Your Challenge

Does this sound like the site you have searching for, then return week by week, and see your dreams come true stage by stage.

This is your opportunity to direct this site to reflect your desired direction; share your requests and suggestions.

If you had input into the site of your dreams, what would it look like and contain? ... I’m making a suggestion...

For the sake of your finances and retirement, you deserve a break.

This is a great path we’re on, it’s a blast.

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