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ASX National Guarantee Fund
The National Guarantee Fund operates to provide additional protection and compensation to investors in certain circumstances.

The Share Market - How It Works
The National Guarantee Fund (NGF) provides investors added protection from certain defaults by a stockbroking firm acting on their behalf.

2003-04 Mid-Year Economic and Fiscal Outlook
Tax treatment of a payment out of the National Guarantee Fund. Revenue ($m)   2003-04 2004-05 2005-06 2006-07. Australian Taxation Office...

Corporations (National Guarantee Fund Levies) Amendment Bill 2001
Corporations (National Guarantee Fund Levies) Amendment Bill 2001 Date Introduced: 7 June 2001 House: House of Representatives...

NVB / NGF - Nationales Versicherungsbüro / Nationaler Garantiefonds...
National Guarantee Fund Switzerland - NGF ... 0800 831 831 NGF, P.O.Box 8085 Zurich

Securities Exchanges Guarantee Corporation
SEGC is a company limited by guarantee which was incorporated in 1987 to be the trustee of the National Guarantee Fund (NGF)

Corporations (National Guarantee Fund Levies) Bill 2001 (Bills...
Bills Digest No. 155 2000-01 Corporations (National Guarantee Fund Levies) Bill 2001 WARNING: This Digest was prepared for debate.

UPDATE 1-Australia's ASX says fund split decision delayed
...a plan to restructure the National Guarantee Fund (NGF) -- the market safety net fund -- has been put on hold ahead of a national election.

20714 Metzler dfe_GzD2_BU
Spanish Positions: Executive Chairman of the Swiss National Bureau of Insurance (NBI) and the Swiss National Guarantee Fund (NGF) Member of...

Budget Paper No. 3 — Appendix A: GST Revenue Measures
Payments out of the National Guarantee Fund. Revenue ($m) 2004-05 ... 2005-06 ... 2006-07 ... 2007-08. Australian Taxation Office...

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