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AAR: Publication: Focus: Capital Markets
It was out of this that the RAPIDS™ structure – Renounceable Accelerated Pro-rata Issue with Dual-bookbuild Structure – was developed.

The Daily Star Web Edition Vol. 4 Num 200
Saifur for allotment of JS seats on pro rata basis Staff Correspondent Finance and Planning ... "So the issue should be discussed on broader scale...

Medicare News Update, Issue 2002-5: Pro-rata Reduction in Drug and...
Issue 2002-5, May 2002 Pro-rata Reduction in Drug and Device Pass-Through Payments...

Units - Further Issue - Pro rata is an issue of units on a pro rata basis. The stamp duty charged is: . $10 on the issue document to Ann; and . $10 on the issue document to...

Microsoft Word - ZYL Letter re 1-4 Pro-rata Issue 14 Jan04.doc
Zylotech Ltd News Articles on Pro Rata
News articles and law firm publications relating to Pro Rata. provides access to more than 60,000 client alerts, newsletters, memos, and...

Microsoft Word - SFG ASX Appendix 3B - Pro-rata issue 18-Nov-03.doc
Part 2 - Bonus issue or pro rata issue 11 Is security holder approval required? No 12 Is the issue renounceable or nonrenounceable?

Extension of closing date for pro-rata issue. 18-07-03
...of closing date for non-renounceable pro-rata issue. The company advises that it has extended the closing date for the rights issue prospectus...

Article - Economic Development Ministry said pro rata participation
06 February 2004 16:05 Economic Development Ministry said pro rata participation in ... counts on the UES BOD to decide on the issue of wholesale... Issue 5 June 2001 - Minister Confirms Pro-Rata Approach...
Services > Tax > taxmail > taxmail 2001 archive > Issue 5 June 2001 - Minister Confirms Pro-Rata Approach to Trans-Tasman triangular taxation...

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