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Our Top CURRENT RATIO Resource

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Stock Trading. Over 1900 ASX listed companies with prices, Forums, BLOG postings. View and post news items by companies and dates, past or future.

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More CURRENT RATIO Resources

Current Ratio - Definition
Current Ratio. Ratio of a company's current assets to its short-term debt.

Current Ratio – Financial Formulas from American Express
The Current Ratio calculates if your company has enough assets to cover its liabilities. Click here for American Express financial formulas and...

Small Business Calculators: Current ratio
Use this business calculator to compute the current ratio needed to run your business.

Current Ratio
Click Here to Download this information in PDF Format Click here to make your Home Page Page Title: Current Ratio. Back | Up | Next... Current & Quick Ratio [How to Read a Balance Sheet]
$10 million Current Ratio = ------------- = 2.0 $5 million

Current Ratio
Tools Stock Ideas Newsletters Corporate. Current Ratio. A liquidity ratio that measures a company's ability to pay short-term obligations;

Ratio - Working Capital Ratio (Current Ratio)
Sign Up Corporate. Advertising Contact Us Working Capital Ratio (Current Ratio) = Current Assets Current Liabilities

Current ratio and quick ratio
Liquidity ratios. Two ratios frequently used to examine a company's liquidity are the current ratio and quick ratio.

Current and Acid Test Ratio - Notes - Business Accounts - Accounting
(type=long) An explanation of the current ratio and the acid test (quick) ratio.

Current Ratio - Analyzing a Balance Sheet
The current ratio is a test of a company's liquidity. It can be calculated by dividing current assets by current liabilities on the balance sheet...

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