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News Counts by YEAR and Category

Year   Category
2021   DV(1)  
2020   BL(8)     DL(59)     NC(47)     DV(640)     PR(2069)     XD(1034)  
2019   DL(117)     NC(172)     DV(1325)     PR(229)     XD(2669)  
2018   BL(79)     DL(15)     NC(215)     DV(707)     PR(190)     XD(1565)  
2017   BL(99)     NC(265)     PR(180)  
2016   NC(304)     PR(203)  
2015   NC(274)     PR(186)  
2014   NC(238)     PR(154)  
2013   DL(41)     NC(195)     PR(148)  
2012   DL(51)     NC(213)     PR(160)  
2011   NC(218)     PR(161)  
2010   PR(158)  
2009   BL(23)     DL(65)     PR(167)  
2008   PR(129)  
2007   PR(151)  
2006   PR(134)  
2005   PR(335)  
1998   PR(1)  
1997   PR(10)  
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Summary of 2005 News Titles by DATE

CtrLinksDateNo of News itemsNews TopicNews Description
1an2005-Dec-30 Fri1PRPrice Evaluation
2an2005-Dec-27 Tue1PRPrice Evaluation
3an2005-Dec-22 Thu1PRPrice Evaluation
4an2005-Dec-20 Tue1PRPrice Evaluation
5an2005-Dec-16 Fri2PRPrice Evaluation
6an2005-Dec-15 Thu2PRPrice Evaluation
7an2005-Dec-12 Mon2PRPrice Evaluation
8an2005-Dec-08 Thu1PRPrice Evaluation
9an2005-Dec-07 Wed1PRPrice Evaluation
10an2005-Dec-06 Tue1PRPrice Evaluation
11an2005-Dec-01 Thu3PRPrice Evaluation
12an2005-Nov-29 Tue1PRPrice Evaluation
13an2005-Nov-28 Mon1PRPrice Evaluation
14an2005-Nov-25 Fri2PRPrice Evaluation
15an2005-Nov-23 Wed2PRPrice Evaluation
16an2005-Nov-21 Mon1PRPrice Evaluation
17an2005-Nov-09 Wed1PRPrice Evaluation
18an2005-Nov-03 Thu1PRPrice Evaluation
19an2005-Nov-01 Tue2PRPrice Evaluation
20an2005-Oct-26 Wed1PRPrice Evaluation
21an2005-Oct-20 Thu1PRPrice Evaluation
22an2005-Oct-13 Thu1PRPrice Evaluation
23an2005-Oct-07 Fri1PRPrice Evaluation
24an2005-Oct-06 Thu2PRPrice Evaluation
25an2005-Sep-30 Fri1PRPrice Evaluation
26an2005-Sep-16 Fri###PRPrice Evaluation
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